Storm Preparation and Cleanup for your Property

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At J & H Tree Service, we offer a comprehensive range of Storm Preparation and Cleanup Services. Whether you have questions about storm readiness or need assistance with storm preparation, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email.

Being prepared is crucial when it comes to weathering storms. High winds and heavy rains can cause trees or limbs to fall, posing risks to homes, vehicles, and other structures. Our experienced arborists can help mitigate these risks by safely preparing your trees for potential storms, reducing the likelihood of damage to your property.

It's a simple truth: healthy trees withstand summer storms better than unhealthy ones. There are three key factors to consider:

  1. Preventative Tree Pruning: Regular pruning reduces wind resistance and removes dead branches that could break off during a storm, minimizing potential damage.
  2. Mulching: Maintaining a wide mulch ring around the base of your trees protects their root systems from damage caused by lawn mowing equipment. It also helps retain moisture and nutrients essential for tree health.
  3. Dangerous Tree Removal: During hurricane season in South Florida, strong storms can expose weak or dead trees to significant damage. Our team can assess your trees and recommend safe removal if necessary to protect your property.

Count on J & H Tree Service for expert guidance and reliable storm preparation services that safeguard your trees and property. Contact us today to ensure you're ready for whatever the weather brings.

Storm Prep and Cleanup - J & H Tree Service, Loxahatchee, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Westlake

After the Storm

If your property has damage from broken limbs and toppled trees from hurricanes or strong storm winds, we can help. J & H Tree service is equipped with all you will need to safely cut down damaged trees and cleanup any trees that have been toppled over, broken or blown into your landscape. We also provide cabling and bracing for trees that are leaning from strong winds that are still strong enough to save.

Cost and Convenience

At J & H Tree Service, we understand that cost is a significant consideration for our customers. That's why we proudly offer the most competitive tree removal rates in Palm Beach County. While our prices are already affordable, we continuously strive to make our services even more cost-effective. We also respect your time, ensuring our team works swiftly and efficiently to complete your project as quickly as possible without compromising on quality. Trust J & H Tree Service for affordable rates and efficient service that meets your budget and schedule needs.

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Questions about our Services?

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