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Over the years, at J & H Tree Service, we have expanded our expertise beyond tree services to encompass comprehensive landscaping solutions throughout Loxahatchee and surrounding areas of Palm Beach County. Our landscaping services go beyond traditional tree care, encompassing the installation and precise shaping of hedges, as well as the creation of custom planters and striking rock features. Whether you're clearing a property and beginning anew or redesigning an existing yard, our skilled team is equipped to assist you every step of the way.

Choosing us for your landscaping projects offers several distinct advantages. Firstly, our intimate knowledge of local plants ensures that we select species perfectly suited to thrive in our Zone 10 environment, enhancing the sustainability and aesthetic appeal of your landscape. Secondly, our extensive experience and attention to detail guarantee meticulous craftsmanship and a finished result that exceeds expectations. Additionally, we pride ourselves on using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, from precision pruning tools to efficient bobcats and wood chippers, enabling us to handle projects of any scale with ease and efficiency.

Whether you're envisioning a tranquil garden retreat, a functional outdoor living space, or a corporate landscape that impresses, J & H Tree Service is your trusted partner for transforming ideas into reality. Discover the difference our comprehensive landscaping services can make for your property in Loxahatchee and across Palm Beach County.

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Local Knowledge and Suppliers

At J & H Tree Service, our team boasts a deep understanding of the specific plants, trees, and shrubs that flourish in the unique climate of our Zone 10 region. This knowledge is rooted in years of experience and ongoing collaboration with local nurseries renowned for growing and nurturing a diverse array of hedging, flowering, and landscaping plants. By partnering closely with these nurseries, we ensure that the vegetation we select and install is not only suited to but also thriving in our local environments. This approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of our landscapes but also promotes the long-term health and sustainability of the greenery we introduce to residential and commercial properties alike.

Whether you're looking to enhance your garden's visual appeal or seeking to establish a sustainable, low-maintenance landscape, J & H Tree Service stands ready to provide expert guidance and impeccable service tailored to the unique needs of our Zone 10 community.


The Right Equipment and Tools

Beyond expertise, we equip ourselves with a comprehensive array of tools tailored for any landscaping project, regardless of size. From bobcats for heavy lifting to wood chippers for efficient vegetation processing, we combine robust equipment with skilled craftsmanship to transform yards and business properties alike. Our services encompass the complete removal, chipping, or hauling away of old vegetation, followed by meticulous preparation of the area for a refreshed landscape. We expertly install planters, rock features, benches, and meticulously plant Zone 10 suitable plants and shrubs.

To swiftly enhance your property, we also specialize in laying sod, ensuring a lush, green lawn in significantly less time than traditional seed growth methods. Trust J & H Improvement Services for professional execution and transformative results in every landscaping endeavor.

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Family and Kid Friendly Landscape - JH Tree Service - Loxahatchee, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington

Family, Kid and Pet Friendly

We care about the environment and the end user – you! We are happy to lend our expertise in family and pet-safe plants and shrubs so that you can create an outdoor experience that is beautiful, functional and safe for people and animals. Many hardly and commonly used landscaping plants are a danger to youngsters in particular – humans and pets – who have a tendency to nibble on just about anything they can reach.

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Questions about our Services?

Interested in scheduling a free estimate for your tree care needs? We are here to assist you with any inquiries and to provide a no-obligation quote. Contact us today to speak with our friendly team and get started on enhancing the health and beauty of your trees.


J & H Tree Service provides affordable and professional Tree Removal services in Palm Beach County. We are properly licensed, insured and fully equipped to handle any of your tree removal needs. As a full-service tree company, we are properly equipped to handle removing trees for our neighbors who have large properties. The most common types of trees that we remove for our Loxahatchee customers are Slash pines (Pinus elliottii ) and Florida holly shrubbery. From chain saws to bucket trucks, stump grinding and chipping, we are here to assist you whether you have one nuisance tree or several acres to tackle.

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Safety and Customer Service

Cutting down large trees and clearing dense shrubbery can be hazardous work and should always be done by an experience, trained professional arborist. J & H Improvement Services is licensed and insured; plus, our tree team arrives to your job with full personal protective gear – hardhats, heavy-duty gloves and boots are our uniform and our emphasis on safety protects our people and your property.

From a free estimate to completion of the job, customer service and your satisfaction is important to us. We are your neighbors as well as your tree company and we take pride in doing great work for you. We meet with the property owner before and after the project to ensure that we understand what you want done and you are satisfied when we finish.

We also like to leave a safe, clean environment when we finish a job. We grind and chip stumps and trees so that they are not a hazard to walking or driving on your property.

Nuisance and Invasive Trees

In addition to clearing trees from lots prior to construction, much of our tree removal service in Loxahatchee involves removing nuisance trees and invasive tree and bush species.

Several of these invasive trees are well-known and easy to spot. Casuarina equisetifolia, commonly known as Australian Pine, is a towering, fast growing trees with an aggressive and thirsty root structure. They are easy to spot in Loxahatchee and the Acreage in tall stands and frequently uprooting sidewalks. Melaleuca is another Aussie import that is very resource intensive – they love water and are fast growers that take over empty lots and displace our native plants. Camphor trees, whose scientific nameis Droscorea bulbifera, is valued for their medicinal properties, but in another invader that can quickly get the upper hand on open spaces.

Tree Removal

4 Reasons for Tree Removal:

  1. The tree is dead, dying or hazardous.
  2. It is causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct through trimming.
  3. The tree is an invasive species, crowding and causing harm to other trees.
  4. New construction needs.

Storms, disease, insects, or decay can turn trees into serious hazards for their surroundings. In such cases, tree removal may be the safest and most practical solution. Often, these trees are dangerously close to your home, garage, landscaping, patios, or power lines. That’s where J & H Tree Service comes in. Our highly-skilled professionals are ready to remove your trees quickly, safely, and affordably. Let us help you protect your property with our expert tree removal services.

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Questions about our Services?

Interested in scheduling a free estimate for your tree care needs? We are here to assist you with any inquiries and to provide a no-obligation quote. Contact us today to speak with our friendly team and get started on enhancing the health and beauty of your trees.